About Donate2Liberate


The mission of Donate2Liberate is to raise funds for individuals and families in need of relief from student loan debt, by asking the community, corporations , businesses and financial institutions for donations. Donate2Liberate will feature the stories of the American people impacted by the student loan crisis and raise funding. These funds will go to help those individuals with student loan payments.

My Story

I made the decision to go back to school in 1993, after being widowed and trying to raise four small children on my own. I was in my mid 20’s, desperate for an education in hopes to make a better life for my family. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2000, then later a master’s degree in Administrative Sciences 2002, I was left with high student loan debt. The lenders that funded my education never questioned the amounts, just kept providing the funds.
Through the years to make ends meet, I had to defer my student loans many times. When not in deferment, I was only affording the minimum payment, barely paying interest. I have never defaulted on my loans, now I pay them regularly. The problem, like so many others is that the interest that accrued through the years, have nearly doubled my loan. I already owe twice what I borrowed, because it took me so long to be able to afford the monthly payment. I have been drowsing in student loan debt ever since.
I found that my story is very similar to the stories of other Americans trying to live the American Dream. The struggle is real. Individuals are losing their homes, not able to feed their children and not able to buy homes. The stories go on and on.
Because this issue has impacted my life as well as so many others, I decided to utilize my web skills to build a website to help raise funds to assist, even if it only helps an individual or family with one or two monthly payments at a time. Until there is some reform and changes are made, we need to help each other through these very difficult times. The more money raised, the more we can assist the many Americans needing help.

Please share your story so that we can spread the word and continue in our pursuit to raise funds.

If you use social media we ask that you share our stories with family, friends and supporters.